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The Daily Coach Network is a vetted membership community of business leaders, sports executives, and coaches who inspire, teach, and support each other to build championship teams and cultures.

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Members of The Daily Coach Network Lead Organizations at the Highest Levels of Competition

From The Daily Coach Team

The Daily Coach Network is led by Michael Lombardi and George Raveling, lifelong leaders who have operated at the highest levels of sport.

Michael Lombardi

Michael Lombardi has been awarded three Super Bowl rings in an NFL career spanning more than thirty years, which included being part of Bill Walsh, Al Davis, and Bill Belichick’s organizations. In addition to working with current leaders, Michael wrote Gridiron Genius in 2018 and Football Done Right in 2023. He talks about leadership in the NFL on his podcast, The GM Shuffle, and is part of the VSiN sports network.

George Raveling

Coach Raveling was the first African-American head basketball coach in the PAC-8 (now PAC-12) and has held head coaching positions at Washington State, the University of Iowa, and USC. Following a prolific basketball coaching career, he joined Nike at the request of Phil Knight, where he played an integral role in signing a reluctant Michael Jordan. He’s also been inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame.

Leadership can be lonely, but it doesn't have to be.

Community Values

High standards and holding our teams accountable never goes out of style.

Quality leadership matters.

Relationships between top people produce non-linear outcomes.

Sports is one of the best fields to learn about leadership, culture creation, and team building.

To get better, you must reflect on your experiences (we do that together).

Building a great culture starts with knowing yourself.

15 Spots Available for August 19, 2024 Start

The Daily Coach Network is a small group of sports executives, business leaders, and coaches that are driven to elevate the performance of their teams. We're once again growing the size of our community of leaders. Successful applicants will be accepted on a first come, first serve bases until all the spots are full. Apply before July 26th.

July 2024 New Member Info Session

Membership Includes

Attend our monthly speaker series with top coaches and sports executives

Access an on-demand library of guest speaker video recordings and The Daily Coach Newsletter lessons

3-month minimum commitment*

Discuss your ideas and challenges with the same group of 8-12 leaders each month for 1.5 hours, facilitated by Michael Lombardi.

Attend Group Calls on Zoom with 10-15 other members to discuss pertinent topics, voted on by the community.

Share resources and experiences in our online community of high-performance leaders.

Watch our monthly guest interview series with top coaches and leaders, like James Kerr, Sally Jenkins, and Pat Lencioni.

Access an on-demand library of past guest interview video recordings and a easy-reference database of The Daily Coach Newsletter lessons.

4-month minimum commitment*

*The Daily Coach Network is for leaders who are actively engaged in the online community. We require that you make a 4-month minimum commitment, but if after 120 days you find you can't keep up with the required activity levels you may cancel your membership and another leader on the waitlist will take your place.

Apply Today

Accepted applicants will be invited to join in order of the date they completed their application.

1. Apply to The Daily Coach Network.

2. Complete our 30-minute video interview.

3. Join the community to learn with us.

4. Take the next step towards improving your team's performance.

Why Join?

The Daily Coach Network is your resource to grow as a leader, culture creator, and team builder regardless of the department you lead or industry your company is in. Access exclusive content, connect and network with members facing the same challenges you are, and tap the expertise of George Raveling and Michael Lombardi.

Confidence From Community

Learn from and build genuine connections with a community of top leaders in sports and business who are humble, innovative, and driven. Lead with confidence, supported by a network you can rely on for advice in any situation.

Unique Expertise

Michael Lombardi and George Raveling guide the community discussions with their decades of leadership experience in sports and business. Our members describe the community environment as non-judgmental, supportive, and encouraging of open dialogue.

Exclusive Interviews

Accelerate your leadership journey by attending exclusive interviews with the sports industry's top coaches and thinkers. Access past interviews on-demand via our Member Resource Library.

Featured Guest Interviews

Defining and Creating Culture with
James Kerr

Mental Health &
Performance with
Dr. Tracy Shaw

Evaluating Talent
Pat Lencioni

Lessons from Elite Coaches with
Sally Jenkins

How the Community Works

The Daily Coach Network is for leadership enthusiasts that are trying to improve the performance of their teams and love learning through sports. Our community is meant to be a new tool in the tool belt of elite leaders, complimenting executive coaches, leadership development courses, books, and company training.

Bringing Leaders Together

Our most productive sessions are when we bring together small, diverse groups. We do this in 3 ways:

1. Our Community Calls are held weekly with 10-15 members and cover a pre-determined topic, voted on by the community.

2. Forums are groups of 10-12 members that meet for 90 minutes, once per month. Unlike a Community Call, attendees are always the same, offering continuity and deeper connection. The discussion topics focus on challenges members are facing and discussion is facilitated by Michael Lombardi.

3. In-person meetups create opportunities for members to build personal connections. We meet for dinner quarterly in a convenient location for our members.

Check out our recent events.

Community of Active Leaders

Leadership positions can be lonely. Our community helps you surround yourself with other ambitious leaders that are actively trying to improve the performance of their teams. Our members lead teams in a wide range of domains and sports, offering a unique opportunity to learn from their wins and mistakes.

We Learn Through Sports

Our community loves learning about leadership through the lens of sports. For some it's metaphor and others it's their domain, but sports acts as a connective tissue and shared vocabulary for our community. While not every discussion is about sports, if you love reading The Daily Coach Newsletter, you're in the right place.


Trust, safety, and vulnerability are fundamental to the community we've created. Many of our members operate in highly visible environments. Upon joining The Daily Coach Network, members are required to sign our Privacy Pledge indicating that you will not share discussions with anyone outside of the group. We take privacy extremely seriously, any breach of privacy results in immediate member removal.

What We Coach

The Daily Coach Network is designed for high-performance executives that shoulder the weight of their team's most important decisions. If you're brand new, early in your tenure, or preparing to join the C-suite, we'll help you transition from functional expert to your department's Chief 'Figure It Out' Officer.

Creating Strong Culture

Culture isn't something you define once and expect it to be followed by your team. To create an environment of trust and belonging it requires dedicated effort every day to reiterate your vision and purpose, to communicate your message and standards, and demonstrate what you're willing to tolerate.

Building a High Performance Team

Hiring can be high pressure when you have a vacancy or your team's performance rely's on it. But adding the wrong person to your team can be catastrophic and set you back months. Your team should be set up so they don't need you to operate the day-to-day so you can focus on the problems that only you can solve.

Leading People

Leadership starts with management of the self, putting on your oxygen mask before you help others on an airplane. You must push beyond prepared to anticipate future challenges and guide your team to success. All great leaders are teachers, developing their players to perform at the highest level.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the application requirements for The Daily Coach Network?

The Daily Coach Network is designed for sports executives, business leaders, and coaches that meet all of the following criteria:

  1. You hold the highest title (C-level, SVP, VP, or Director) within your department or the role of CEO, GM, or Head Coach
  2. You are maximum of 2 levels below the CEO, GM, or Head Coach (there is, at most, 1 person between you and the CEO, GM, or Head Coach)
  3. You are directly responsible for a minimum of 5 employees or staff (you're a full-time leader, not a player & coach)
  4. You are indirectly responsible for a minimum of 3 other employees or staff (your direct reports have direct reports) *Assistant coaches do not need to meet this requirement.

We want to ensure that you're in a position to get the most from and contribute the most to the community. We recognize that some industries might have structures that don't perfectly fit the definition above. If you're not sure, just email with a description of your role and we'll let you know if you're a fit.

Please note that The Daily Coach Network is for those who are in active leadership roles with teams/staff that report directly to them. This typically means executive coaches, leadership coaches, or life coaches are not a fit for the community right now.

What if I don't have enough time?

We get it, you probably feel overwhelmed by everything you need to accomplish in a day. The Daily Coach Network is designed to be a new, unique tool in your tool belt. Being part of the community allows you to tap the experiences and knowledge of 50+ active leaders, helping you get the answers you're looking for without all the battle scars.

To be part of The Daily Coach Network, we ask that you dedicate a minimum of 4 hours each month to the community. This breaks down as follows:

  • Attend your 90-minute Forum call each month with Michael Lombardi and a consistent group of 8-10 other execs and coaches.
  • Join one 60-minute Group Call on a topic voted on by the community, these happen 2-3 times per month.
  • Spend 45 minutes to listening or watching the monthly Guest Interview.
  • Dedicate a total of 45 minutes sharing resources (books, podcasts etc.), helping other members, and asking questions you're searching for answers to.

What makes The Daily Coach Network different than other communities?

The Daily Coach Network exists for sports executives, business leaders, and coaches that want a group of peers to share and discuss leadership challenges and ideas. Sports offer teachable moments and metaphors, our community members develop as leaders through a shared love of sports.

Do you offer scholarships?

The Daily Coach offers partial membership scholarships for underrepresented leaders, including women and people of color.

Who are some of the guest speakers I should expect?

Michael Lombardi and George Raveling interview special guests from sports and business leaders and emphasize women and underrepresented groups that have operated at the highest levels. Past interviews include James Kerr, Dr. Tracy Shaw, Karen Eber, Sally Jenkins, Pat Lencioni, and Roger Martin.

What is the application process?

The community is made up of highly-vetted, high-performance sports executives, business leaders, and coaches across many sports/industries, functions, and organization sizes. Beyond being an active leader, The Daily Coach Network members are dedicated to learning, leadership enthusiasts, and love learning from sports.

Acceptance will be based on application submitted date, not the date you complete your video interview, or pay for your membership. The selection process is made up of an initial application, followed by a 20-minute video interview conducted by members of The Daily Coach team. If accepted, you'll either be admitted into the community or you'll be added to the waitlist and notified when spots open up.

When do I pay for membership?

Once you are accepted into the community, following your 20-minute video interview, you'll be sent a payment link to pay for your first membership period. 15 days before your renewal you'll automatically be charged for the upcoming period using the same credit card you used when you were first accepted.

How does the waitlist work?

To deliver the best environment to support your development as a leader, we're limiting the community size. When a spot opens up, we'll notify applicants that have already been accepted (completed their application and interview) in the order of their application submission date.

What happens if I decide I don't want to be a member anymore?

If you're no longer able to contribute to the community we ask that you notify us as early as possible. Your membership will continue until the end of your period, including attending the speaker series, watching past speakers on-demand, and engaging in online discussions, but if you decide you no longer want to participate we will fill your spot.

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